100 Days Of Code – Web Development Bootcamp free 2022

 Learn web development from A to Z in 100 days 

100 Days Of Code - Web Development Bootcamp free 2022

What you’ll learn

  • How the web works and how to get started as a web developer
  • Learn web development in 100 days (optional – you can also pick a different pace)
  • Build websites, web apps, and web services (and understand what these “things” are)
  • Build frontend user interfaces with HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Build backend processes with NodeJS, Express & SQL + NoSQL databases
  • Add advanced features like user authentication, file upload or database queries to websites
Do you Want To Become A Web Developer? 


It will teach you web development and turn you into a web developer in 100 days – or allow you to refresh key essentials and expand your existing knowledge!

Becoming a web developer is a great choice because web development opens up many career paths and web development skills are required in pretty much every business that exists today – and of course, this will only increase in the future!

It’s not just about websites – it’s also about “behind the scenes” services used by mobile apps like Uber or Airbnb. It’s about rich web apps like Google Docs as well as browser games. And of course also about regular websites like Facebook, online blogs, online shops like Amazon, and much, much more!

Hence it’s no wonder, that web developers are in high demand! And, besides great job perspectives, as a web developer, you can of course also easily build your own digital business!

This Course Is For You!

This course will teach you web development from the ground up and thanks to the “100 Days Of Code Challenge” which is incorporated into this course (though it’s optional to commit to it!), you can become a web developer in 100 days with help of this course!

  • Introduction [Day 1] 
  • Building a First Website: HTML & CSS Basics [Days 1 – 5] 
  • Diving Deeper Into HTML & CSS [Days 6 – 8] 
  • HTML & CSS – Practice & Summary [Days 9 – 10] 
  • Serving A Website (Hosting & Deployment) [Day 11] 
  • introducsing version control git and github[11-14]
  • understanding htlm css layout[15-20]
  • understanding responsive web design[20-24]
  • creating butiful website[24-30]
  • Adding form to website[30-33]
  • Advanced JavaScript: Working with the DOM [Days 33 – 37] 
  • Advanced JavaScript: Control Structures [Days 37 – 39] 
  • Milestone Project: Building a Tic-Tac-Toe Game [Days 40 – 44] 
  • Working with Third-Party Packages [Days 45 – 46]
  •  Onwards To Backend Development [Day 46]
  •  NodeJS Introduction – Getting Started With Backend Development [Day 47] 
  • Enhancing NodeJS with ExpressJS [Days 48 – 49] 
  • More Express: Static & Dynamic Content with Templates (EJS) [Days 49 – 51] 
  • Handling Dynamic Routes (URLs), Errors & Manag. Bigger Express Projects [51-53] 
  • Exploring More Advanced JavaScript Concepts [Days 54 – 56]
  •  Onwards To Databases [Days 56 – 57]
  •  SQL Databases – Introduction & Core Concepts [Days 57 – 59]
  •  Using MySQL In NodeJS & Express Websites [Days 60 – 62]
  • Writing Good Code, Refactoring & The MVC Pattern [Days 75 – 78]
  •  Milestone Project: A Complete Online Shop (From A to Z!) [Days 78 – 92] 
  • Working With Services & APIs (e.g. Adding Stripe Payments) [Day 93]
  •  Deploying (Publishing) Websites [Days 94 – 95] 
  • Web Services & Building Custom (REST) APIs [Days 95 – 97] 
  • Working With Frontend JavaScript Frameworks & Introducing Vue.js [Days 98 – 99] 
  • Course Summary & Where To Go Next [Day 100]

Who this course is for:

Beginner & advanced web development students
Students who have absolutely no web development experience and want to become web developers.

Experienced web developers who need a comprehensive reference or want to dive into more advanced topics as well as refresh the basics
All students are interested in exploring the many course examples and exercises.


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