react js tutorial for beginners 2022

 React for Beginners: Build an App, & Learn the Fundamentals

All React, No Distractions. This course will stick to the fundamentals, and guide you through creating your first app. 

react js tutorial

What you’ll learn

A solid foundation of React fundamentals that will prepare you for more advanced topics

How Component state, props, and lifecycle methods work

How React renders to the DOM and manages updates

How to work with forms in React

How to create your first fully functioning React application.

A lot of React newcomers tend to get hung up on external dependencies like web pack, and redux. While tools like this are great they tend to add additional complexity when starting out. 

In these lessons, I will be avoiding all these distractions, sticking to React fundamentals, and guiding you through the creation of your first app.

Some of the topics covered include:

Elements and Components

Working with JSX

State and Lifecycle

Working with Forms

Creating Dumb/Stateless Components

Building your first App


Introducing Codesandbox

Fundamentals: Components

Fundamentals: JSX

Build an App: Lifecycle Methods

Build an App: Add Search Form

Build an App: Save Search Query

Build an App: Submit Search

Build an App: Render Search Results

Build an App: I’m Feeling Funny

Build an App: SearchForm Component

Build an App: Refactoring and Clean Up

Build an App: Adding Styles

How it Works: Rendering into the DOM

How it Works: Rendering Updates

Conclusion: Wrapping Up

What Is React?

React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It lets you compose complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code called “components”.

What is React used for?

React is used for frontend web apps to detect user input, fetch data, and update the user interface with data. React does all this with maximum performance and flexibility.

Why is React popular?

React initially skyrocketed to fame because it made fetching and showing data in your JavaScript apps much easier than before. Because React is just a library instead of an elaborate framework, it was and still is relatively easy to learn.

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