PHP MySQL course for absolute beginners to become a PHP Master

Code Your Very Own Dynamic Websites by Learning PHP Through Real-World Application & Examples.

PHP for Beginners: learn everything you need to become a professional PHP developer with practical exercises & projects.

PHP MySQL course

Learn How to Code Dynamic Websites with PHP 5+ for absolute beginners! 

This course is a total beginner’s guide to coding dynamic websites with PHP so you need no prior knowledge or experience with PHP — although, it is a good idea if you know some HTML & CSS. (My beginner’s guide Build a Website from Scratch with HTML & CSS will teach you everything you need to know about HTML & CSS.) 

Why Should I Learn PHP? 

So why learn PHP? Well, PHP is a very powerful scripting language used by millions of websites. Some of the most popular websites and frameworks utilize PHP to build their dynamic websites. PHP works very well with HTML and therefore will allow you to start coding dynamic websites quickly without having to learn some of the more complicated scripting languages out there. 

The Final Project 

Throughout the course, you will be building a handful of dynamic PHP examples, but in the last section of the course, we will build a dynamic website for a (fictional) restaurant. 

What you’ll learn

By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the PHP fundamentals

Upon completion, you will have coded a handful of useful dynamic PHP examples. become a PHP master

In the last section of this course, you focus on building a dynamic website for a restaurant

By the end of this course, you will be so excited about your newly acquired PHP skills and want to start converting all your websites to PHP!

What you’ll learn

You will learn to create a (CMS) Content Management System like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla

You will learn how to use Databases

You will learn MySQL

Object-Oriented Programming

You will learn how to launch your application online

How to use forms to submit data to databases

How to use AJAX to submit data to the server without refreshing the page

You will learn about PHP security

You will learn about sessions

Password hashing

Email sending

You will learn to use composer (PHP package manager)

You will learn to create clean URLs and remove the .php from files

You will learn to use bootstrap by getting experience from the project

You will learn to debug your code

You will learn to create pagination

You will code refactoring

You will learn to debug (fix your code)

You will learn to use an API to bring data from a database to a graphical interface

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Internet Connection

Willingness to be awesome


Sense of humor

Code Editor

Some additional (free) tools

Who this course is for:

Total Beginners

Web Design Students

Graphic Designers


Business Owners


Web Designers

best PHP course free

With the amazing project we build, you will learn all the skills to land that job or project. This is a real project that we take online and I walk step by step on everything from scratch.


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