Figma for UI/UX Design 2021

What you’ll learn

Understand Figma and its functionality

Create a modern-looking website as per client requirement

Create a color palette and choose color schemes according to the brand colors

Understand typefaces, type scale, and create a Typography reference sheet

Design easy to replicate designs using advanced Figma features such as Auto Layout

Figma for UI/UX Design 2021

Course content


Setting up the environment.

If you’re having trouble with importing course files to Figma.

Hello World: Basic Introduction to Figma Interface.

color scheme and typography

Choosing Grays from Primary Colour

Choosing Typefaces and Type-Scale

Heading, Paragraph, and Body Styles

designing the web page

  1. Setting up the Artboard and Grids
  2. Creating the Navigation Bar
  3. Creating Background and Inserting Image
  4. Making the Call to Action Button
  5. Using Auto Layout for next section
  6. Designing the Feature Cards with Auto Layout
  7. Adding Visual Background to the Cards
  8. Another way to design Cards (for next section)
  9. Building next section with Cards using auto layout
  10. Do it yourself for the rest of the design

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