how to make a website using python and flask for beginners course?

Learn Flask, A web Development Framework for Python

Advanced Website Development using Flask

how to make a website using python and flask

Learn to create a Website with no previous experience in just a few hours!

This course aims to teach students with no experience, the fundamentals of programming a website with the popular Python framework, Flask. 

python flask tutorial

Flask is widely used across industries and is found in a lot of different things you use, from small websites to large companies such as Stripe. Its robust nature and simplicity is a driving factor toward its massive uptake by both students and professionals. 

Flask is easy to learn, completely free, and great for beginners.

This course will guide you through creating a website so you can learn the basics and by the end create your own customized website!

Concepts Covered

By the end of the course students should have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript Basics
  • HTTP Methods
  • Creating Web Routes/Pages
  • Using AJAX Code With APIs
  • Form Submission
  • Website Login & Registration
  • Maintaining User Sessions
  • Interacting & Creating A Database with MySQL & PHPMyAdmin
  • Hosting A Website With Real. 
  • It is for Free Page Navigation Bars.


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