Data structures and Algorithms coding Bootcamp, interview, project

The essential guide to getting a programming job. Learn how to get more interviews and land the offer!

Ultimate coding interview Bootcamp. Get more job offers, negotiate a raise: Everything you need to get the job you want!

Data structures and Algorithms coding Bootcamp

coding Bootcamp data structures

What you’ll learn

  • Perfect your resume to land more interviews.
  • Build your knowledge of fundamental data structures and algorithms.
  • Learn common techniques to ace your coding interviews.
  • Ace coding interviews were given by some of the top tech companies
  • Become more confident and prepared for your next coding interview
  • Learn, implement, and use different Data Structures & algorithm
  • Get more interviews
  • Professionally handle offers and negotiate raises
  • Become a better developer by mastering computer science fundamentals

master the coding interview data structures and algorithms on GitHub

In-depth solutions to over 20 essential interview problems

First-hand looks at the interview process of Google, Facebook, Apple, and more

You’ll learn:

Part 1) Getting more Interviews: How to set your resume up for success, including 

1:1 resume critique and access to a proven resume template How to best apply to companies

How to optimize your LinkedIn, GitHub, and personal portfolio

What the best side projects are

Part 2) Passing the interview:

master the coding interview data structures algorithms 

Big O Notation

How to Interview

Arrays (sorting and searching)


Linked Lists

Stacks and Queues

Hash Tables / Hash Sets

Graphs (trees, heaps, traversals, and more)

Dynamic Programming (greedy and memoization)

Math, Bitwise, and Design Questions

Non-Technical Interview Questions





 Tree Traversal

 Breadth-First Search

 Depth First Search

Dynamic Programming

Part 3) Extras

First-hand insights into interviews at:






Remote Interview Tips

Onsite Interview Tips

The most important data structures and algorithms for interviews


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